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Retales: A Nasty Text

This is a Quick podcast called retales which is tales about being in retail this is about a nasty text from a new hire.

This a quick Podcast about how to get customers to buy also twitter reads and what's an askhole

This is a quick podcast from MYOB called Retales which is quick stories about being in Retail Sales

Here is A quick Podcast About Online reviews and how They're a problem that needs to be fixed.

This is a quick funny podcast by Mind your own business about annoying customers and listen to see if you are one

This is a quick Podcast from Mind Your Own Business with tips and tricks to help you be the kind of Boss people want to work for. Plus a bonus Traits of a bad boss

Quick on podcast with tips on how to go from Good to Great at sales

These are Quick tips to help you have a successful sale.

This is a Short Podcast with quick tips on how to Interview and Keep good employees.